2021 Symposium Recordings

The New Environment for ESRAG: Dr Christopher Puttock
Daikai Taiwan
Microplastics: Dr Tamara Galloway
Fire Ecology: Dr Toddi Steelman
Living with Elephants: Dr Ananda Kumar
Food Plant Solutions: Una Hobday
Solar in Remote Island Schools: Robert Edwards
Alternate Energy – Ending fossil Fuels: IDS Joy Huang
IFixThePlanet winners: Dr Holger Knaack
Environmental Artist: George Sabra
Environmental Artist: Nancy Erickson
Junglescapes – Green Flames: CR Hanumanth
Connected Communities: Brian Braginton-Smith
Textiles: Ebru Debbag
Plant Food Diets: Dr Geetha Jayaram
Net Zero Rotary: Dr Sibyl Anwander
Wrap-up session: Dr Patricia Armstrong