By Deniz Vural, ESRAG Secretary

Volunteer for ESRAG's G-Drive Working GroupAre you passionate about efficient organization and digital collaboration? Do you thrive in a structured and systematic work environment? We are looking for people with background in library,  records,  or archive management. If so, we invite you to volunteer for ESRAG’s G-Drive Working Group!

Our primary goal is to establish an efficient and systematic folder management system using Google Shared Drives. By fostering a culture of structured data organization, we aim to streamline access to essential documents, enhance productivity, and promote a more organized and efficient work environment. Our work will be driven by understanding user requirements:

  1. Who are the users, the various groups of people we want to help to have better easier access to ESRAG generated documents?
  2. What are these users trying to do; specifically, in their different situations what do they need: in other words,  what are their ‘Use Cases’?

Thus, our efforts will focus on developing better solutions for people, as well as the technology that will meet the user needs that we have identified.

We’re seeking active members for this dynamic team, and we will offer opportunities to take on roles in implementing our roadmap, including project kick-off meetings, needs and use case assessments, folder structure design, guidance document creation, training sessions, and many more throughout our first 12 months journey together.

Your valuable feedback and expertise will help shape a well-organized and productive digital workspace. If you’re ready to make a difference and improve our document management and user access, please respond to this invitation at We look forward to collaborating with you!