Joey O’Brien (Canada)

Joey O’Brien (Canada)

Director, Chair of Fundraising

Joey has lived in the Bow Valley, Alberta, Canada for 20+ years with his wife, 5 children, and 2 grandchildren. He was an early adopter of green energy technologies and his home is now energy-positive annually.

Joey is the president of SustainDriven, an innovative provider of environmental consulting and event operations that executes sustainable water, waste, global greenhouse gas, and energy solutions. His professional passion is environmental sustainability, mitigation, and education.

In addition, Joey is a hiking guide, a ski instructor, a first-class power engineer, and is CEO of a new Canadian company combining technologies of low carbon diesel, hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel, biochar, graphene, and wood vinegar.
He is a founding board member of his communities Bow Valley Green Energy co-op and its subsidiary Rocky Mountain Community Energy.

He leads the sustainability team for the Banff Marathon which is arguably the greenest marathon on the planet. Through this, he is a member of the United Nations under the Sport for Climate Action sector.

He chairs the Rotary Club of Canmore sustainability committee and is also a member of ESRAG Big West Committee.