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Planting Trees: Mangroves and Flood Mitigation

As Rotarians around the world respond to wild fires, droughts and floods, it may be helpful to remember that 500-year floods don't happen every 500-years. Weather-related events are bound to change as the climate changes. The question is, what can we do proactively to minimize destruction? Jurriaan Kamp, journalist for...

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China's Reforestation and Unintended Green Deserts

China has invested $100 billion in a "grain-for-green" program where traditional farmers are paid to plant forests on lands that had been stripped of trees. By some measures, the program has been a great success. What's the problem? Michael Holtz of the Christian Scientist Monitor writes: Chairman Mao told us...

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Plant-Based Food Demand Up 140%!

August 29, 2017: One Green Planet writes: The plant-based food sector is booming! With more people shifting away from meat toward more clean, plant-based protein alternatives, many new start-ups offering innovative products have jumped in to meet growing demand. In fact, the plant-based food sector is currently valued at $5...

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Saving Florida's Coral Reef through Underwater Gardening

June 30, 2017. CBS News reports from Key Biscayne, Florida The beauty of south Florida's coastline isn't just skin-deep. Below the water lies a crucial habitat of coral, home to hundreds of species of marine plants and animals. But the beauty of the only tropical reef system in the continental...

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China's Forest City to Fight Pollution

June 26, 2017. Nick Lavars of New Atlas reports The vision of Italian architect Stefano Boeri is starting to take shape around the world, with his so-called vertical forest towers going up in Switzerland and Milan . Now the Chinese region of Liuzhou will also play home to some of...

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Scientists Stunned by Antarctic Rainfall and a Melt Area Bigger Than Texas

Antarctic Melt in Ross Sea, Washington Post
June 15, 2017. Chris Mooney of The Washington Post reports: Scientists have documented a recent, massive melt event on the surface of highly vulnerable West Antarctica that, they fear, could be a harbinger of future events as the planet continues to warm. In the Antarctic summer of 2016, the surface...

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