Renewable Energy

To encourage, educate and offer support for Renewable energy projects worldwide.


Rotary Ideas in Action

The Renewable Energy Task Force (RETF) was charged to explore various renewable energy options,
opportunities, and needs to implement renewable energy within the anticipated new
Rotary Area of Focus ‘Ensuring Environmental Sustainability’.

Initiatives with Renewable Energy

Access to renewable energy can provide a significant improvement in over-all health, provide jobs, and economic status but can also address existing systems that may be harmful and expensive. Learn more about ESRAG’s activie RETF initatives.


Project Objectives

OUR MISSION: “Serve as a resource to encourage and
educate the Rotary Family to implement renewable
energy projects worldwide.”

Task Force Objectives

After much discussion the Renewable Energy Task Force determined the following three initial objectives:

  1. Technical Expertise – Serve as a resource referral center for Clubs, Districts, and Global Grant applicants to provide information, guidance, and referrals to renewable energy knowledgeable resources within Rotary and non-Rotary potential partners. Specific expertise may include assistance in performing needs assessments, design, implementation, long term maintenance, and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).
    An essential part of the process is to provide training in all areas to create jobs, and to ensure long term sustainability of all projects.
  2. Projects – Facilitate the start of new renewable energy initiatives and projects
  3. Advocacy – Serve as Renewable Energy Ambassadors to spread the word and provide presentations to local Clubs, Districts, and Globally at various Rotary functions.

These three areas are the first concepts for the Renewable Energy Task Force to encourage Rotary clean energy projects. These areas will be refined and added to as Rotary develops more experience in renewable energy projects.

Project Examples
  • Renewable Power (Solar/Wind) to:
    • Well Water Pumping
    • Water distribution
    • Water treatment
    • Water Heating
    • Cell phone charging
    • Heating/Cooling/Cooking
  • Renewable Infrastructure
    • Energy Storage (Batteries)
    • Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
    • Mini-Grids
    • Micro-hydro systems
  • Clean Energy / Energy Efficiency & Conservation
    • Clean Transportation
    • Lighting
  • Sustainable economies
  • Environmental Education
  • And many other possibilities….
The Need

Access to renewable energy, particularly electricity is the biggest driver in improving all aspects of quality of life in developing countries. Globally, almost a billion people do not have adequate access to electricity, if any electricity at all.

Given Rotary International’s global reach, credibility, and experience in developing countries, Rotary can play a significant role in addressing climate change through clean electricity provided by solar photovoltaics (PV), wind, and other renewable energy resources.

Encouraging renewable energy is an essential tool to enable all of Rotary’s Areas of Focus to be more closely aligned with the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The anticipated AOF for the environment will enable the following UN SDGs to be encouraged and implemented in Rotary projects:

  • Affordable and Clean Energy;
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities;
  • Responsible Consumption and Production;
  • Climate Action;
  • Life Below the Water;
  • Life on Land.
The Ask

ESRAG invites global Rotary members with interest, experience, and expertise in renewable energy to contact the Renewable Energy Task Force Chair, DGND Nathan Thomas to join the Taskforce.

Requirements to be on our Task Force

  • Must be a member of ESRAG
  • Must be a Rotarian/Rotaractor to serve in a leadership position
  • Task Force meetings once a month
  • Up to 2) one hour meetings per month plus prep (up to 5-8 hours per month)
  • Responsive via email
  • Be passionate about being a resource


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Want to take action with Renewable Energy?

We are always looking for people like you wanting to make a real difference to our environment. Renewable Energy is one of the best ways to reduce Greenhouse Gases.