By Ariel Miller

In many countries, December brings an avalanche of shopping, shipping, fossil-fueled travel, and discarded packaging. It’s hard to imagine anything farther from sustainability, so ESRAG’s holiday gift to you is this newsletter reporting on circular economy. The writers share practical ways to reduce humans’ need to mine, grow, process, transport, and throw things away. This December, read about:

Fresh from Rotary’s multi-zone Institutes this month in the United Arab Emirates and India, ESRAG Directors Yasar Atacik and Mina Venkataraman report on the growing prominence of environmental sustainability on the agendas of Rotary’s Presidents, Directors, and the District Governor line. Yasar shares another circular solution: RI Director Frederick Lin’s report on the multi-district Save Food for Taiwan Association that is reducing food waste and hunger in Taipei.

And we ask for YOUR news as a life-giving, sustainable gift to fellow Rotarians. Take a look at the calendar of ESRAG’s monthly themes for 2023, and see where your work fits. We can’t wait to showcase ESRAG members’ effective strategies through our Projects + webinars, newsletter, social media, and blog. Use the links below the calendar if you have an environmental project that other Rotarians can replicate. Finally, we share a beautiful alphabet of environmental pledges from ESRAG’s Great Britain and Ireland Chapter, for you to consider as you choose your new year’s resolutions.

ESRAG Chair Pat Armstrong sends you the following message: “Thank you to all our members from around the world for your work in supporting the environment. This wonderful newsletter showcases some outstanding examples of environmental projects and initiatives that you may be able to adapt to your own club or district. With the efforts of our many volunteers, ESRAG continues to grow in effectiveness and influence. We now have over 1,650 members in 90 countries with 13 active Regional Chapters. Thank you for being part of ESRAG. I wish you all a safe and happy new year!”