Habitat Solar

The addition of solar panels will result in greater equity, make the home
affordable, and benefit the community, the planet, and Habitat.


Rotary clubs help power Habitat homes

The purpose of this guidebook is to help Habitat for Humanity affiliates and their local Rotary clubs make rooftop solar available to new Habitat homeowners. The addition of rooftop solar to new Habitat homes will reduce the homeowner’s monthly power bills, thereby making the homes more affordable, decrease their carbon footprint, and strengthen the partnership between Rotary and Habitat.



In this example, the family saved $788 in less than a year.



The Goal of Habitat Solar is to provide Habitat for Humanity homes with clean rooftop solar energy:

  1. To save Habitat homeowners money. By decreasing the monthly electric bill for low income homeowners, solar installation can help interrupt the cycle of poverty.
  2. Reduce air pollution. Low income families of color, which account for the majority of Habitat homeowners, are disproportionately likely to suffer adverse health consequences as the result of air pollution.
  3. Provide clean energy leadership.
  4. Encourage adoption of rooftop solar by Habitat. Habitat has an excellent reputation for building quality homes, but Habitat does not typically add rooftop solar. The adoption of roof-top solar by Habitat will help lead the low-income building industry to embrace renewable energy. The addition of a 5.4 KW system to one Habitat home saves approximately 270,000 lbs of carbon and is equivalent to planting more than 3,000 trees or not driving nearly 300,000 miles.

Want to take action with Habitat Solar?

Partner with your local Habitat to add solar. We can show you how. Download the guidebook today for a walk through on how to start the process!