By Malc Rooney, Coordinator, ESRAG Regional Chapter Chairs

Over the past year I have become increasingly aware that there is much being done in response to Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability that is positive.  I think that Rotary International in general and ESRAG in particular should own and promote the positive.  Here are some examples I believe that are worthy of sharing. First, heartening headlines from the UK’s Guardian “Down to Earth” weekly report, which you can subscribe to at this link.

From The Revelator, a newsletter from the Center for Biological Diversity:

And for social media fans, follow Sam Bentley, who for example is highlighting a project to restore the Detroit bee population.

Let’s lead the way in promoting the positive.

Malc Rooney (pictured here) is the Coordinator for ESRAG’s Regional Chapter Chairs and a member of the Rotary Club of Kirriemuir [D 1010]. He also chairs ESRAG’s Great Britain and Ireland Chapter (ESRAG GBI).