by the 2023 RYLA Participants of Area 1, Group 1, District 3820, San Pedro, Laguna Province, RP

Ecolution Call to Action

RYLA students unite for action at San Lorenzo School, January, 2023

We live in a world where everything is inevitable. Too much urbanization, pollution, problems, overpopulation — all of these are only some of the problems that we are facing currently in our world. However, as we are growing towards the future, the problems of our environment continue to evolve too. Prominently, the ecosystems are one of the most affected sectors of our environment. As we progress, we fail to realize that it is none other than US, humans, that continue to worsen these problems that was already existing to begin with. But, after seeing the start of the effects of climate change, the world, especially the government, is starting to see the scale of how big the problem actually is. It is something that needs to be solved not tomorrow, but NOW.

As students, we believe that we should be also aware of what is going on with our surroundings. We believe that the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 2023 is an excellent opportunity to spread awareness to our fellow students about the environmental crisis that we are facing. This vital issue that we are facing led us to the creation of the word ECOLUTION. The word ECOLUTION came from the words ‘ecosystem’ and ‘solution.” Combining both, we have created the word which means “the action of people in finding the solution for the problems in our ecosystems.” As a part of the youth, we believe that we have the power to become the solution to this problem. We chose this kind of theme because our last RYLA 2022 had the theme of “Youth’s Action on Climate Change”. We thought that it would be good to connect our theme right now with last year’s theme, especially that this topic also focuses on one of the Rotary’s seven areas of focus: Sustaining the Environment. We also believe that continuity and consistency on our goals and beliefs would also benefit our advocacy greatly.

Through RYLA 2023, we can spread awareness among the participants from San Lorenzo School and other schools and help in the implementation of solutions to our ecosystem problems. We also get the chance to talk with international professionals that have amazing knowledge and wisdom to share with our theme. In raising awareness regarding concerns in our ecosystem, we can learn how poorer countries are being able to sustain their needs, how lifestyles of people from different countries affect how we live. In order to solve these problems, some of the best but simple actions that we can do is to plant trees, which help in regaining the habitat the animals lost because of our human activities. Another is that recycling waste also helps not only in reducing pollution, but also increase innovative ideas that can create new products. Last but definitely not the least, be a part of the voice of the youth, specifically the spreading of awareness towards our ecosystem problems by posting infographics that contain useful information in social media, since it is used worldwide.

In the end, the voice of the youth is powerful. We have the power to spread awareness and information, especially in the problems of society and environment. We hold the key to the future, because we are the FUTURE itself of this world. We believe that we have the capabilities of being the next leaders that can create the solutions to our never-ending problems, because the youth today possess the wildest imaginations within our world. The only thing we lack is the support of the majority, the unity and understanding that this world needs in order for our voice to be not just a voice, but an action for the better. Will you help our voice to become a reality?

Rotarians from RC Metro San Pedro planting bamboo. From left: President Margarette Olivares, IPP Rose Burce, PE Aran Jay Sicat, and PP Delia Rodelas, Immediate Past Area 1 Deputy District Governor, D3820