Simposio Latinoamericano de Medio Ambiente

June 5-6 for World Environment Day

hybrid for the first time!

After the great experience of the World Environment Conference organized by ESRAG’s Latin American (LATAM) Chapter in 2021 on Zoom, we decided to have our own event, from Latinoamericanos to Latinoamericanos, on Zoom in 2022. With pandemic problems receding, the Latinos have decided to have this event in hybrid format, hosted by a different city of the region each year, the first event of its kind for the region. This year’s Simposio Latinoamericano de Medioambiente will be on June 5th and 6th  at Ciudad Juárez, México, on the borderland with El, Paso, Texas: just where Latin America begins.  Follow our Facebook page, ESRAG LATAM, to know more about the speakers and the whole event. It will be free!

Ciudad Juárez, famous for its industrial investment, is the economic capitol of its state,Chihuahua.  ESRAG LATAM members chose the main topics and speakers to fit this setting in the middle of the North American desert: 

  • Climate Change financial mitigation strategies
  • IRECs and Carbon Credits
  • Water and its Management
  • Sustainable Development Goals at business organizations
  • Industrial Symbiosis – Circular Economy
  • Green Building and Green Cities 
  • Citizen Participation in Climate Solutions
  • Green Entrepreneurship 
  • Green Law Panel : comparison of Mexico and Chile

Just as with the 2021 World Environment Conference, this symposium is being led by Rotarators!  One of them is me,  born and raised in Juárez.

Some of the allied organizations and companies are CANACO, COPARMEX, Juárez´ Mobility Council, Green Chamber of Commerce México, Cámara Verde de Comercio de Latinoamerica, AIRAC, SUME, Tesa, Citizens Climate Lobby, Top Energy, Next Carbon Trading, The Earth Lab, Ban.CO2 de Carbono Mestizo, Chihuahua Green City, Juárez Circular Hub, EKOA Bioclimate Architecture, Petstar, Global Compact, ISS Integral Source Solutions, Ordenamiento Territorial y Procesos Sustentables.