This Earth Day let’s break a Guinness World Record by participating in the World “Minga” for the water!

Is your club or group planning to clean up trash on this next Earth Day weekend? That trash normally washes into rivers, lakes, mangroves and ends up in the oceans. So why not take a bigger step and register your clean-up initiative as part of the World “Minga” For the water!

Register your participation in this link:

Here’s more information:

The Los Chillos Milenio Rotary Club of Quito, along with many other civil and public organizations, working as a collective force, are making a call of action for the next Earth Day. The team’s 2024 goal is for Clubs from at least 30 countries and 80 organizations to join into the first international “Minga” for the rescue of water corps through a collective waste clean-up of any water source or environmental space from which waste would end up in a water source.

The word “Minga” is an Latin American indigenous word used for a collective action toward a common goal. When polio endangered the health of people throughout the world, we united to eradicate it. Now the degradation of the environment – including the pollution of water sources – threatens the health and survival of human beings. The UN reports that since 1970, the world has lost 35% of its wetlands. In less than half a century, the number of freshwater animals has decreased by more than 85%, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Join this initiative, and we might break a Guinness World Record by the highest number of volunteers doing a waste clean-up and environmental education the same weekend.

The project already has the support of districts 4400, 4281, 4110, Zone 25A, ESRAG Latin America Regional Chapter and members, ESRAG International members from many countries, the Latin America Rotaract representatives at COP28, many ONGs, academic institutions and the number is growing.