By Laurie Zuckerman, ESRAG Communications Director

How would you like ESRAG to change the world?

Imagine that. 

Now imagine ESRAG members inspiring and empowering Rotary clubs on every continent, especially those most impacted by the climate-biodiversity-pollution crisis, with extensive expertise, networks, education, and projects to create a thriving planet.

On May 13, ESRAG members will vote for new board members. To make happen, we need board directors who will help ESRAG and Rotary: 

  • Grow our Reach, especially in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Island Nations
  • Increase our Impact by sharing expertise in governance, strategic development, policy-making, and the Rotary Global Grant process
  • Expand our Coverage, especially by sharing managerial expertise with teams utilizing information technology, CRM’s, or data management systems
  • Adapt, especially through knowledge of non-profit development, fundraising, human resources, and international law pertaining to non-profit organizations

When you receive the email with candidate profiles, vote with the big vision in mind. Make the time to thoughtfully read each candidate’s qualifications. Is this candidate from a region most affected by the environmental crisis, AND does this candidate have skills that your ESRAG Board needs?

Why is this critical? Unlike most non-profit organizations, we do not have any full-time staff people. We rely on board members to provide over 90% of our services to Rotary worldwide. ESRAG provides the expertise for, not one or two, but 6.5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The world needs your thoughtful vote. 

How has ESRAG Created Hope in 2023-24?

Find out at ESRAG’s Annual General Meeting on Friday, June 21 at 1300 UTC. Press to REGISTER