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Plastic Solutions

Plastic Solutions is leveraging the power of Rotary to develop a global network
to rethink and influence how we create, use, and dispose of plastic.


Plastic Solutions

Since the 1950’s, plastic has exploded into our lives, changing it in ways that are big and small. From entire beaches and rivers covered with plastic, to nanoplastics in human blood, plastic is filling our lives — outside and in.

Dealing with the discarded plastic we already have is a daunting project, but the amount we create each year is rising. We created half of the plastic in the world in the last 15 years, and will double new plastic production by 2030. There is a mountain of plastic coming our way, disguised as fabric, hiding in food, packaging our stuff, being our stuff…

Plastic Solutions wants to reduce the threat caused by plastic waste by understanding its root causes, and promoting the best solutions. From emerging technologies to simple reduction; from individual behavior change to systemic global change, some solutions are out there, and some are being invented. Rotarians can use their enormous networking power to influence how we create, use and dispose of plastic.


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The ESRAG Plastic Solutions Taskforce is leveraging the power of Rotary to develop a global network to rethink and influence how we create, use, and dispose of plastic.

Project Sharing:

  • Collect and share program, project, and event examples, provide education and resources, and help Clubs learn, plan, and act to reduce plastic waste.

Deploy tools in support of the first goal:

  • Promote the Plastic Solutions newsletter to share projects and provide links to basic plastic information and breaking news and research.
  • Launch and promote a Plastic Solutions Speakers Bureau for Club and District presentations
  • Conduct six general meetings per year, and additional workshops and virtual social/networking events.

Project Examples

Use Plastic Solution’s categories to help think about what type of project your Club is interested in developing.
(Watch for inspirational examples in the near future!)

Cleanup Activities – Gateway events to energize Club members, launch community collaborations, create awareness, and lead to more impactful activities.
Data Collection – Adds a layer of data gathering to cleanup projects through global data collection apps such as Literati or Clean Swell, or through research collaborations.
Landfill / Incineration Diversion – Projects that reduce plastic use, or Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot and Zero Waste
Economic Development – Plastic waste projects with job creation/humanitarian components.
Individual Behavior Change – Encourages individuals to reduce plastic use through and may use education campaigns, pledges, usage calculators.
Systemic and Global Change – Manufacturing, Regulatory, Taxation and Advocacy Programs that identify and address root causes of plastic waste.

Want to take action with Plastic Solutions?

ESRAG’s Plastic Solutions Task Force invites all ESRAG members to join the taskforce, and help reduce plastic waste in the world.
To get involved:

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