Caulfield Honey Festival

Caulfield Honey Festival

Location/Club:  Caulfield, 9800, Victoria, Australia
Keywords: BIODIVERSITY, FOOD SYSTEMS, Pollination, Bees, Honey, Native Bee hotels
Project Partners: Anthony Langley Brighton North, Grant Wishnowsky Brighton North, Keiran Cromrie Brighton Beach, Di Woodgate Friend of Rotary, Gerard Pelicier Bee Mentor, Glynis Ramsay Friend of Rotary, June Fillmore Friend of Rotary, Jenny Chen member of Glen Eira Artists’ Society, Margaret Masson Friend of Rotary, All the stallholders


Start Date
August 2014

Project last Updated
October 2020

Project Impact
Volunteers: 20
Volunteer Hours: 250

Project Contact(s)
Heather Welsh Caulfield
Faye Kirkwood Caulfield


Taste of what can be done to educate many on the Bees and pollinator world.

To encourage people to be aware of nature especially the bees and pollinators around us and what they give us

We collected together people from many different areas to mingle with each other and encouraged them to share their experiences in anything Honey related.

An event to bring Bee Awareness to the public


  1. Awareness of bees
  2. How to help them now and in the future
  3. What not to do for them

Project More Info
We reached out to people letting them know about the need to help all bees and pollinators with information in many different areas, a booklet on bees for the very young, Native bee hotels (made by a local Men’s Shed and put together by some schools), A beekeepers stand with a display of bees, bee products and some fun items.

Reminding people that having gardens with flowers helps the bees too. Need to have water on hand for bees with stepping stones such as bark, stones, wood, etc so that they won’t drown.

Getting involved with the honey tasting, photographic competition, baking competition and Diorama Bee Displays, Face painting.

We covered from the very young to older adults and all between with crafts, book reading, treasure hunt, information and gardening advice.

Everyone had a fabulous day and they are still asking when we are going to do it again.