Rooftop Solar Project

Electrifying buildings is a key way to reduce our carbon footprint.


Mountain View Non-Profit Campus Rooftop Solar Project

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Electrifying buildings is a key way to reduce our carbon footprint. Non-profits don’t have access to the Federal Tax Credits that make solar affordable, and they don’t typically fund capital improvements with long payback times. Cupertino Rotary wants to help bring the benefit of lower electricity bills to worthy non-profits, bringing the payback time on their investment down to about 2 years. Over time, battery storage, demand-side management and heat-pump water heaters can be added to such installations to reduce peak load on the grid, moving the needle on climate change. With our non-profit partner SunWork, our Rotary members get training to participate in the installation, overseen by a professional, which reduces cost by 30%. Our limited Rotary funds plus the value of volunteer labor attracts funding from the non-profit building owner and a solar moonshot grant administered by Hammond Climate Solutions.


  • Fund and install a 27kW PV Solar (60 panel) System.
  • Organize 5 Rotary Clubs to fund and provide volunteers.
  • Invite prospective Rotarians to join us as volunteers.
  • Bring publicity to enhance our public image and attract new members who want to work on such projects.