One Million Trees Project


One Million Trees Project

Location/Club:  Mauritius Island
Keywords: Tree planting, Sustainable economies, Indigenous peoples, Ecosystems, Forests – preventing deforestation, Environmenatal Education, Agriculture – sustainable
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One Million Trees Project – 2030

Mauritius Island

The aim of Rotary Club of Rose Belle through the ‘One Million Trees Project’ is to plant one million trees in Mauritius Island before the year 2030.

The objective is to:

  • Engage each inhabitant of the island to plant at least one tree and thus contribute toward protecting our environment.
  • Encourage peace among communities by encouraging them to work together towards a common goal.
  • Embellish our island for sustainable economic development (help in promotion the eco-tourism)
  • Fight deforestation and
  • Create sustainable business opportunities to fight poverty by planting trees that produce fruits and other derivatives such as animal feed.

This idea has been discussed largely at the club level and has been launched on 5th June 2016 on the World Environment day during a talk entitled ‘Connect with nature for Peace’.

Involvement sought at local level will include NGO’s, Primary & Secondary Schools, Tertiary schools, Ministries, local authorities, Private sectors, local and international Rotary Clubs, Rotaract Clubs, Interact Clubs, Socio Cultural associations, Third age clubs and associations, Sports Club and any other stake holders willing to participate.

The target will be as follows:

June 2018 to June 2023 – 50,000 trees per year

June 2024 to June 2030 – 100,000 trees per year

Monitoring will be performed on a monthly basis and updates will be communicated regularly through the already operational Facebook page: 

Different strategies have been identified to attain the goal. Some are as follows:

  • Creating plant nurseries in schools, colleges and in prisons
  • National Tree plantation campaigns
  • Tree planting competitions
  • Tree planting and maintenace recognition awards and pins
  • Tree planting monitoring website.

Submitted to Rotary Ideas by Lall Kumar Ruttun

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