Welcome to the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group
(ESRAG)! We formed ESRAG to empower members of the Rotary
Family worldwide to take actions to sustain our environment,
particularly to stabilize our climate.

ESRAG members see a world where people unite and take action to protect the environment for a sustainable future.

The climate, biodiversity, and pollution crisis threaten humanity and the planet. Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation encourage clubs and districts to mitigate and adapt to this triple planetary crisis through projects and programs outlined in the Environment Guidelines for Global Grants. 

In accordance with Rotary International’s guidance for Action Groups, the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group, ESRAG, gathers individuals, experts and partners whose goal is to provide awareness, dialogue, resources, and best practices for the environment. ESRAG, assists the Rotary family to plan, run, and evaluate projects, programs, and practices that support actions in the Environment Area of Focus and address the triple planetary crisis. 

We work together for a sustainable future for our planet!

Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) assists Rotary clubs, districts and multi-districts in planning, implementing and evaluating service projects, building awareness, and inspiring action. These projects promote environmental sustainability, awareness of climate change, and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate climate disruption. ESRAG promotes educational resources, initiates dialogue about environmental sustainability, and uses best practices in models and assessments for both projects and daily choices. This work advances the Object of Rotary through positive impacts in all six Areas of Focus.

ESRAG’s focus on environmental sustainability offers Rotary the opportunity to provide long-term benefits for people all over the world. We will work to ensure that project investments preserve the ability for the environment to renew itself and continue to support human well-being, thereby supplying life-sustaining benefits to communities.

The need for Rotary to engage more around environmental sustainability was poignantly demonstrated at ESRAG’s Inaugural Meeting in Sao Paulo. Rotarians were able to hear first-hand from fellow Rotarians about how the changing climate is already adversely affecting people in their countries. For example:

  • Bangladesh – their economy is primarily based on agriculture; climate change is causing more flooding and droughts which are negatively affecting both the economy and food supplies.
  • Benin Republic, Africa – droughts are adversely affecting most aspects of village life in Africa.
  • Netherlands – significant investments have been and continue to need to be made to create flood defenses.
  • ESRAG will facilitate dialogue and drive action on critical humanitarian problems like these.

Vision Statement
A world where people unite and take action to protect the environment for a sustainable future.

Mission Statement
Inspire and empower the Rotary Family with extensive expertise, networks, education and best practices to implement sustainable and impactful environmental projects.


  • Protect, preserve, and conserve natural resources
  • Implement pollution solutions
  • Avert biodiversity and ecosystem loss
  • Support sustainable and resilient food systems
  • Promote clean and affordable energy and energy efficiency
  • Implement climate solutions
  • Foster circular economies that eliminate waste
  • Support sustainable living and responsible consumption
  • Promote ecosystem and community resilience
  • Advocate for environmental equity and public health



  1. Foster environmental activity by developing impactful, and sustainable multi club and district projects and communicating these to clubs
  2. Stimulate significant environmental action by establishing task forces and teams, developing expertise and educational materials
  3. Engage, inspire and support Clubs and Districts to plan and implement sustainable environmental projects in the Rotary Areas of Focus


  1. Build ESRAG’s influence by increasing ESRAG membership and establishing networks within Rotary
  2. Inspire and develop environmental awareness and leadership by providing educational materials, training and mentoring
  3. Develop systems that collect key metrics, including project and membership data, as best management


  1. Expand ESRAG’s impact by networking and collaborating with key internal and external stakeholders
  2. Enhance project realization by building relationships and raising funds from groups (governments, NGO’s, philanthropic groups, businesses)
  3. Increase cooperation by connecting clubs especially those with similar environmental project interests

Rotary members lead with solutions for climate action. View the roadmap.

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In 1990 Preserve Planet Earth was created
for Rotary to claim its place in the world
stage of the environment movement.

The leadership team

Deniz Vural (Türkiye)

Deniz Vural (Türkiye)

Director, Secretary

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Franz M. Müller (Italy)

Franz M. Müller (Italy)

Director, Chair of Administration and Governance

Franz Müller is a...

Haruno Ito (USA)

Haruno Ito (USA)


Haruno Ito is...

Laurie Zuckerman (USA)

Laurie Zuckerman (USA)

Director, Chair of Communications

Laurie Zuckerman...

Michael Terrelonge (Jamaica)

Michael Terrelonge (Jamaica)

Director, Chair of Technology

Michael Terrelonge...

Mina Venkataraman (India)

Mina Venkataraman (India)

Director, Chair of Projects

Rtn. Dr. Meenakshi...

Yasar Atacik (Türkiye)

Yasar Atacik (Türkiye)

Director, ESRAG Chair

Yaşar is a...

Yavuz Vural Atila (USA)

Yavuz Vural Atila (USA)

Director, ESRAG Chair Elect, Chair of Membership

Yavuz Atila joined...

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