From ESRAG’s Plastic Solutions Team

Plastic waste is considered to be the second biggest hazard after climate change, for humanity. Plastics stay in the environment for tens or hundreds of years. Once they enter rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans, they are harmful to fish, marine animals, birds, etc. Moreover, they are difficult to remove.

Microplastics from larger pieces of plastic and fillers are now found in blood and the human placenta.   In fact, most of us already have some grams of plastic in our body. The plastic additives that leach into food and water are linked to fetal development issues, early-onset puberty, and reproductive disorders.

You can make a difference by trying these simple actions:

  1. Carry reusable shopping bags. Plastic bags are often found on the streets and on the soil. If not truly “compostable” they contribute to the widespread pollution
  2. Use a reusable mug or carry a water bottle whenever possible. Most of the plastic waste found in the water are bottles and other liquid containers
  3. Bring your own reusable containers to restaurants for leftovers. Two goals are to avoid producing plastic waste and to save food from wasting.
  4. Keep a cutlery set handy and use it instead of packaged plastic cutlery.
  5. Take the Plastic Solutions Pledge. If you agree with the above about the importance of mitigating the plastic waste problem, you can commit to helping the planet with simple actions
  6. Subscribe to the ESRAG Plastic Solutions free monthly newsletter (Press here.) and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so that you will be updated and you can participate in the events
  7. Join the Plastic Solutions Task Force (free with ESRAG membership) to learn, plan and act to eliminate plastic waste. You’ll help others to create a better world.

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.  African Proverb

7 Things You Can Do to Reduce Plastic Pollution and Support the Circular Economy As a Rotarian, please involve your Rotary Club.  Ask them to try one or more of these actions.

  1. Replace single-use plastic servicing ware at meals with reusable plates, cups, and utensils.
  2. Replace single-use plastic event items with reusable items. Check out ESRAG’s Green Event Handbook.
  3. Invite a local expert to talk to your club about plastic waste in your community.
  4. Invite a Plastic Solution Task Force member to speak to your club. Contact for more information.