Green Events Handbook

Green Events Handbook

This handbook has been created by the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) between 2020-2023 with the support of our members. Its purpose is to educate and inspire Rotary members and friends around the world to take club action to reduce the environmental footprint of their events. The handbook includes a selection of activities that your Rotary club can do to be more sustainable.

Organize a green event

Preparations for a single-day event, a district conference or a green convention will differ in scale. There are,
however, five basic steps to always keep in mind to make your event to be sustainable:

The content of the Handbook is the product of an extended collaboration:

• Vic Grosjean, Victoria Australia, Chair
• Pat Armstrong, Victoria, Australia, Editor
• Karen Kendrick-Hands, Wisconsin, USA, Editor
• Jennifer Weitzman, Wisconsin, USA, Designer
• Clari Nolet, California, USA
• Amelie Catheline, California, USA
• Melanie Lewis, NSW, Australia
• Julie Morisot, California USA
• Christopher Puttock, Hawaii, USA
• Rick Randolph, Kansas, USA

• Salvador Rico, California, USA
• Barbara Sheehan, Victoria, Australia
• Gert-Jan van Dommelen, Amsterdam, Netherland
• Deniz Vural, Istanbul, Turkey
• Ludwig Kalthoff, Germany
• Lori Cloutier, Washington, USA
• Kris Cameron, Washington, USA
• Laurie Zuckerman, Idaho, USA
• Dakota Stormer, Texas, USA (deceased)


The Handbook was born from the 2020 Virtual convention on which ESRAG hosted a Breakout session in front of 1,700 Rotarians.

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