Pollinators are vital to human food security but their populations are dwindling. How can we help? Rotary President Jennifer Jones is interviewing conservationists, activists, and business leaders to discuss how Rotary members are taking action through education, advocacy, and partnerships.  Please go to Rotary’s Facebook page to listen to the four-part conversation.

  • 14 November – Chris Stein and Ella Phillips discuss the issue of decline in pollinators/monarch population
  • 21 November – Chris Stein and David Eaton discuss both Operation Pollination and the Tree Challenge
  • 28 November – Patrick Ottensmeyer discusses the corporate angle and how corporations like Kansas City Southern Railway are addressing environmental issues
  • 5 December – Karen Kendrick-Hands discusses Rotary’s official involvement in protecting the environment and the importance of advocacy

After watching, please go to ESRAG’s Operation Pollination and pledge to take action to save pollinators: Pollinator Pledge. Since most Rotary districts are already taking action to save pollinators, why not get credit for your good work? Forward this article to your District Governor and leaders, and ask them to sign the Pollinator Resolution.