Guides + Handbooks

Guides to help you take action and inspire your club.


Green Events Handbook

To educate and inspire Rotary members and friends around the world to take club action to reduce the environmental footprint of their events.

UNEP Handbook

To educate and inspire Rotarians around the world to take action for the environment, and to bring attention to the important role the environment plays in Rotary’s seven areas of focus.


Downloadable templates: flyers, enviro awards and more.

Learning Resources

Resources to guide your education.

Climate Advocates Voces Unidas

Visual storytelling and youth education program to inspire local solutions.

Climate Action Roadmap

Rotary members lead with solutions.


The En-ROADS online tool allows individuals to design climate solutions.

Events Resources

Resources, guidelines, and accountability for ESRAG leaders to run both Rotary and non-Rotary community events.

Inflation Reduction Act

The inflation reduction act opens the opportunity for US citizens to take action using incentives.


This action oriented network educates, takes action, and advocates for climate action.

Global Grants

ESRAG members are happy to share their technical expertise, guidance, and experience to help clubs and districts plan implement impactful environmental global grant projects.