Million Solar Panels

Empowering Rotarians to combat climate change, reduce energy costs, and collectively offset millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions, all while leading the way towards a sustainable future.


Fighting climate change one solar panel at a time.

The Million Solar Panels initiative is a campaign to encourage Rotarians to purchase solar panels in order to impact climate change and at the same time reduce their power bills. The rapid transition to Renewable Energy is needed to stop a Climate Crisis. We can wait for our governments to take action or Rotarians can lead the way.

Did you know that if every Rotarian installed one (400 watt) solar panel this would:

Be equivalent to planting 14 million mature trees;
Save >$5 billion dollars in electricity bills;
Stop > 10 million tonnes of CO2 being released.


Rotarians Deploy Solar Panels 

Rotarians’ response to the challenge of Planting a Million Trees was inspiring. “Planting” solar panels has an even greater positive impact on our environment.

How to get involved? 

  • Encourage Rotarians to invest in solar panels for themselves or for others.
  • Document how many solar panels Rotarians have already purchased.
  • Encourage Rotary Clubs to become Climate friendly and invest in solar to offset their carbon footprint.
  • Educate neighbors about the advantages of renewable energy.
  • When 1.4 million Rotarians act together they can lead the world to a brighter future.

A Million Solar Panels Map:



Q. I subscribe to Community Solar, can I claim to have purchased solar panels?
A: You absolutely have invested in solar and should document this here.

Q. If I have contributed to the purchase and/or installation of solar panels for a nonprofit organization can I claim those panels?
A. Yes, please document all of the solar panels you have ever helped fund.

Q. When adding my solar panels to the form, can I include those panels I put on my business building?
A. Yes, please include every panel.

Q. I added 20 solar panels to my roof in 2018. Do I add these panels?
A. Yes, please list any panels you have ever installed.

Solar Resources

Make an Impact

As we move forward with the MSPC, we will fund the purchase of solar installations for disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Habitat Solar

Magnify the benefits of solar by partnering with your local Habitat affiliate to put solar on the home of a low income family. Solar is the gift that keeps on giving for 30 years.

Renewable Energy Taskforce

To encourage, educate and offer support for those involved in renewable energy projects worldwide.

Let’s get to a million.

Tell us how many solar panels you or your club have already installed.

We will highlight how many solar panels Rotarians have already purchased for themselves or others and so encourage more deployment of solar across the globe.