By Dr. Michael Koch, ESRAG Europe Co-Chair

We'll help your club become climate-friendlyRotary is successfully acting to make the world a better place. But all Rotarian activities also cause emissions and contribute to climate change. Just think of all the people travelling to the RICON in Melbourne. We do not want reduced activities but we have to do all of them in a clever way! The project “Every Club Climate Friendly – Become Sustainable!” offers you help and solutions, Whether you’re in Rotary or Rotaract, we’ll help your Club become climate-friendly and sustainable!

We have developed a CO2 footprint calculator that enables Clubs to calculate their emissions for all club activities for one Rotary year. The calculator is translated in 5 languages already and makes data input very easy. After your data input you get a report that you can show in your club.

Based on the report our project team will propose actions for your club to reduce CO2 and we also have ideas for local or global projects to compensate and reduce CO2. Only 18 months after the start of the project “Every Club Climate Friendly – Become Sustainable!” we have more than 100 interested or participating clubs from 20 countries!

  • If you live in Africa, Europe, Latin America or North America: Join now and scan the QR Code or email us your name, your club name and district!
  • If you live in Oceania or Asia please email Ted Waghorne with your name, your club name and district!

Looking back at the last Rotary year is the perfect time to start in your club.

We are also looking for additional members to our project team! Together we will make Rotary climate-friendly and sustainable – and I have personally promised that I will not rest until we have achieved this!