Share your circular economy or pollution projects

A flyer for one of the lithium-ion battery recycling events organized by Endwell Rotary Club in New York State. Learn more here about how clubs can join ESRAG’s lithium-battery recycling initiative.

By Ariel Miller, ESRAG Newsletter Editor

Please share your circular economy or pollution projects with ESRAG’s newsletter and social media to inform and inspire Rotarians worldwide. Our  December focus is circular economy. In January, 2024 we will highlight pollution solutions.  We’d love to showcase your work, and welcome articles on:

  • the factors and scope of the problem, and
  • effective projects you and Rotary colleagues are carrying out at any level, from local to multinational.

Please email me immediately if you’d like to be interviewed on either topic, or with questions about how to prepare an article yourself for ESRAG.  We publish articles in the newsletter and on ESRAG’s blog and website, where they are archived on the relevant ESRAG theme pages.

Here are the deadlines:

  • Nov. 21: articles for December, 2023
  • Dec. 21: articles for January, 2024

Please submit them by email. We also love to publish short videos and photographs. We’ll send you the links for media creators and people who are portrayed to consent to the use of these images in ESRAG publications.

It is fascinating to hear from ESRAG members and readers around the world about what you’re doing, and a privilege to share your inspiring work with fellow Rotarians who are striving to repair and protect our planetary home.