by Ariel Miller

ESRAG Director David Brawn’s reporting on his district’s award-winning Environmental Envoys initiative won a three-page spread (pp. 46-48) in the February 2024 issue of Rotary Down Under, reaching over 28,500 subscribers. Rotary Magazine’s March issue (p. 60) celebrates the dynamic role Rotarians and Rotaractors played at COP 28, noting the contributions of many ESRAG leaders including ESRAG Chair Dr. Yasar Atacik, Dr. Mina Venkataraman, and Salvador Rico as expert speakers and/or members of Rotary’s official delegation.

The February, 2024 issue of Rotary en el Corazón de las Américas honors Central American Rotarians through ESRAG Latin America Reporter Natalia Luque’s article on the multi-sector partnership they have catalyzed to stop the massive pollution of Guatemala’s Rio Motagua. 

In short, ESRAG members from all seven continents have been making headlines across the Rotary world for dynamic and multi-faceted environmental initiatives.

Thanks to the editors of Rotary Magazine, we now have contact information for all the regional Rotary periodicals!  Now, when you send us articles or give us interviews, we will be able to share your great work with the Rotary editors who cover your region so it can reach many more eyes and hearts! If you know one of the editors or reporters personally, and are willing to advocate for them to publish ESRAG stories, please let us know!