Paivi Kippo-Edlund (Finland)

Paivi Kippo-Edlund (Finland)


Päivi is IPP of Porvoo läntinen - Borgå västra RC in the Helsinki region and an active member of the Baltic Sea Committee of the club. The club has planned and put in practise environmental projects since 2009. Päivi is the chair of District 1420 (Southern Finland) International Service Committee and past chair of the District Baltic Sea Committee and also a co-founder of BASRAN (Baltic Sea Rotary Action Network). The district took initiative in starting the BASRAN under Päivis chairmanship. She is the country lead of ESRAG in Finland and a member of the extended leadership of ESRAG Europe since spring 2021.

Päivi is an experienced environmental director in local government administration (most recently the City of Helsinki) and a leading consultant in sustainable development and environmental management in the private sector. She is competent in strategic and economic planning and leading people. Assessing environmental impact, and implementing and evaluating sustainable development projects belong to her strengths. Combating climate change and biodiversity loss has been among her duties for tens of years. She has been a member of an environmental network of European capitals for 15 years. Currently, she works as an independent sustainable development expert, mentor, and guide.

She holds a Master of Science Degree in Marine Biology and has a university grade also in chemistry, geography, ecological botany, biology, and pedagogics.

Photo credit: Maarit Gabrielsson