Rotary acts for the environment;

ESRAG is the catalyst.


ESRAG: Environmental Sustainability
Rotary Action Group.

Rotary acts for the environment,
ESRAG is the catalyst.
Together we protect the planet

Our work

The six key themes for ESRAG to make a difference.


Sustainable Living



Food Systems

Circular Economy

Join us at the
Rotary International Convention

The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) will be attending RICON, the 2024 Rotary International Convention.


Learn How Rotary Can Become Carbon Neutral by 2040 on May 28 at 13:30-14:30, HIBISCUS 3706

Panelists PRIP Ian Riseley, DGE David Alexander, ESRAG Chair Yasar Atacik, ESRAG Past Chair Pat Armstrong, DGE Ludwig Kalthoff; ESRAG Chair Elect Yavuz Atila, moderating.

Learn more about our RICON events.

Upcoming Events

ESRAG Seminar: Climate Change and Mental Health
Speaker: Bonita Ford
Topic: How does the climate crisis impact people's mental health? How and why are youth especially experiencing this? And what can be done to address it?
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Seminar: Plant-based Eating for Beginners
Speaker: Lauren Head
Topic: Benefits of a plant-based diet
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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Oceania Monthly Meeting
Speaker: Josie Jones OAM
Topic: Marine debris, litter and working with local government for change.
(GMT+10:00) Australia Eastern Time(Sydney,Melbourne,Guam)
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ESRAG Seminar: Farm to Family Rotary Project
Speaker: Eileen Hotho and Earl Knauss
Topic: Serendipity: transforming ugly veggies into a beautiful free food distribution program
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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Plastic Cafe
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Annual General Meeting 2024
Topic: ESRAG Annual General Meeting 2024
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Seminar: Climate Messaging
Speaker: Andrew Eyerly and Rob Sisson
Topic: How to approach and communicate about the topic of climate and sustainability from different political perspectives.
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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