Improving Dental Care in Tonga 

Improving Dental Care in Tonga

Location/Club:  RC Ballarat West, RC Keilor, D9790, D9800, Victoria, Australia, Tonga, Pacific Islands
Keywords: CIRCULAR ECONOMY, Recycled Medical


 Keywords: CIRCULAR ECONOMY,  Recycled Medical

The recycled and repurposed equipment and supplies available from Donations In Kind Stores in Australia and New Zealand can significantly improve dental care in Tonga.

RAWCS Project 114-2005-6:  Dental teams for Tonga Dental Health, provides the opportunity for anyone who cares about this issue, to coordinate their support and to work together to identify the areas of need and to create a National Wishlist that identifies all of the items required, that Donations In Kind may be able to supply.  Working as a team we will maximise the outcome and minimize the effort and others will have the opportunity to help Rotary Clubs achieve their objectives.

If you are interested in working in this area please forward the details to David Goldsmith   The District 9550 team International Service Chair Jeanette Drysdale, Assistant Governor for Tonga Peter Poulsen and the Rotary Club of Nuku’alofa will also be informed.

For more information on current projects and ways you can assist, please check Projects / Pacific Islands.

Contact: David Dippie