Global Footprint App

All can thrive within the means of our one Earth.

Here’s how to help your country do it.
In 1970, humanity started to use more than Earth can renew. By now, humanity’s demand is already 73% higher. This interactive map shows the world’s and your country’s current situation.


Humanity’s ecological overshoot has led to a growing ecological debt: excessive amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, deforestation, a growing freshwater shortage, and the collapse of fisheries and farming.

This overshoot will end. The only question is how: will we use human ingenuity and foresight to end it through design, or will we let nature make the choices and end it by disaster?

First, help your friends and family see that they have agency. We are not helpless, and every one of us has skin in the game.

Rotarians can galvanize solutions by informing their networks about the annual accounts that track each country’s ecological demand (their footprint) and its ecosystems’ regeneration. Here’s a video about this tool. Nations are starting to use it to identify the factors that determine their ecological situation, choose remedies, and measure their progress towards living within our planet’s means.

Given the predictable future of climate change and resource constraints, the obvious response for everyone is to prepare themselves and their cities, companies, and countries for that future.  This is crucial to Rotarians’ other humanitarian investments. It takes weaning ourselves off fossil fuel, finding ways to live better using fewer resources, and bringing all our talents to the table. Start exploring solutions here.

ESRAG is a worldwide network of Rotarians with the professional expertise, dedication, and partnerships to help you discover, advocate for, and implement solutions.  Email our Global Footprint team to learn more about this life-saving work.

With every choice we make, we build our future. Apply the Four-Way test.  Take the first step towards right-sizing your personal footprint by using the Global Footprint Network’s calculator. Find out if your country is an ecological debtor, and light the way to solutions that are fair and beneficial to all.