by Ariel Miller

Rotary media are blooming with articles on the environmental work of Rotarians all across the world! Here a few of the beautiful examples, and how you can generate more buzz in the Rotary family hive:

The April issue of Rotary Magazine is packed with environmental stories, from Rotarians’ partnership with Trees that Feed Foundation in the Caribbean to Ron Diridon’s story on Rotarians’ passionate advocacy for sustainability – including high speed rail – in California. If you are a subscriber, have a wonderful time reading through the magazine and consider sending a letter to the editor with thanks, and a few sentences about your own environmental work. This shows readers that the support for environmental action is broad-based and growing in Rotary. The email is  

ESRAG was invited to submit an article for Rotary’s March newsletter for District International Services Chairs and the Earth Day 2024 Service in Action blog post.

Kris Cameron's article in Rotary Voices.

On March 5, Rotary Voices showcased Kris Cameron, Co-Chair of ESRAG’s Plant-Rich Diet Task Force.

ESRAG river champion Salvador Rico authored the March 22 Rotary Service in Action blog inviting Rotarians worldwide to participate in the new Community Action for Fresh Water partnership between Rotary and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). On March 5, Rotary Voices showcased Kris Cameron, Co-Chair of ESRAG’s Plant-Rich Diet Task Force. She wrote about her discovery that Rotary had an environmental focus and Action Group. These inspired her to make Rotary the channel for pouring her lifelong experience as an educator into encouraging and equipping people worldwide to adopt a high-impact climate solution. 

Regional Rotary magazines, in an array of languages, are an incredibly effective way to show Rotarians that people who they can identify with are succeeding in environmental action. ESRAG Director Dr. Mina Ventakaraman has a comprehensive article, “What Rotary Clubs can do to help the environment,” in the April issue of Rotary News India, pp. 60-65. 

“Climate change: Africa engaged in reforestation” is the April, 2024 cover story of Rotary Mag, which covers Francophone nations. Rotary en el Corazón de las Américas regularly publishes stories by ESRAG’s Latin American correspondent Natalia Luques Sánchez. 

Write us at if you need the contact information for the Rotary periodical that covers your region: we’re glad to help you share the great news of your Rotary environmental work.