Circular Economy

Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Re-choose, Repair,
Reuse, Recycle towards zero waste

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Circular Economy at ESRAG

How does circular economy benefit humanity?

Circular strategies reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution associated with resource extraction, manufacturing, and waste disposal. The Circularity Gap 2022 report estimates that as much as 70% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by materials handling and use, and that humans waste over 90% of the materials we extract. “The twin agendas of circular economy and climate mitigation gets us on a path to a well below 2-degree world by 2032,” according to the report’s executive summary.


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From Rust Belt to Green Economy

PDG Jeff Smith of D 7170 reports how Rotarians are mobilizing their knowledge and networks for Central New York State’s transformation from Rust Belt to green economy.

Share your circular economy or pollution projects

Share your circular economy or pollution projects

It’s time to share your circular economy or pollution projects via ESRAG’s newsletter, blog, and social media. Nov. 21 is the deadline for the December issue on circular economy, and Dec. 21 is the deadline for the January issue on pollution solutions. Email stories or story leads to

Rotary Pre-COP28 Webinar, 7 Oct at 3:00 pm UTC

Rotary Pre-COP28 Webinar, 7 Oct at 3:00 pm UTC

ESRAG just learned that there will be a webinar about Rotary's role at COP 28.  For information on speakers, topics and to register, please go to the website for the Rotary Clubs of the United Arab Emirates, Here is some of the...

Take Action with Circular Economy

Use your professional expertise and influence to promote the development of durable products that are produced sustainably and are practical and affordable to repair. Incentivize resource recovery. Encourage sharing of services and tools – like cars or a Library of Things. You will help businesses, consumers, and local governments save money on materials, energy, and waste disposal. Click on the project overviews below to discover some of the many ways Rotarians are building circular economy around the world.

Lunch out of Landfills

Successfully diverting 40 to 60% of landfill designated waste by providing containers for liquids, organics, recycling and trash.

Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Dispose of lithium-ion batteries through a fully closed-loop recycling solution.

Plastics Solutions

Leveraging the power of Rotary to develop a global network to rethink and influence how we create, use, and dispose of plastic.



A circular economy is an economic
system aimed at eliminating waste and
the continual use of resources.

 Throughout our region Rotary is making a difference in a variety of ways that are tailored to suit the local situation. We have included some and look forward to promoting more project types when we receive the information.

A major area of focus is recycling and re-purposing reusable equipment and supplies.

These strategies replace the “take-make-waste” linear economy by circulating products and materials at their highest value and keeping as much as possible out of our waste stream. Circular economy can be enhanced at every stage of a product’s useful life:
• building sustainability and durability into product design
• sustainable manufacture
• improving systems for maintenance and repair
• sharing services and equipment
• reusing products, and
• minimizing waste


Featured Events

Oceania Monthly Meeting
Speaker: Josie Jones OAM
Topic: Marine debris, litter and working with local government for change.
(GMT+10:00) Australia Eastern Time(Sydney,Melbourne,Guam)
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ESRAG Seminar: Farm to Family Rotary Project
Speaker: Eileen Hotho and Earl Knauss
Topic: Serendipity: transforming ugly veggies into a beautiful free food distribution program
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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Plastic Cafe
Speaker: Nina van Toulon
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Annual General Meeting 2024
Topic: ESRAG Annual General Meeting 2024
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Seminar: Climate Messaging
Speaker: Andrew Eyerly and Rob Sisson
Topic: How to approach and communicate about the topic of climate and sustainability from different political perspectives.
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Seminar: Net -Zero Community Evolution
Speaker: Brian Braginton-Smith
Topic: Striving to prevent a global catastrophy.
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Seminar: The Million Solar Panel Challenge
Speaker: Elizabeth Henke
Topic: This ambitious campaign empowers Rotarians worldwide to take direct action against climate change one solar panel at a time. By encouraging the installation of solar panels, this initiative helps reduce energy costs and cuts CO2 emissions.
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
More info