Focused activities that support projects driven by local clubs and districts.
These initiatives connect clubs to share best practices and learn from each other.

Every Club Climate Friendly

Become a climate friendly and carbon neutral club before 2030.

Flight Carbon Estimator

Compensate for your flight carbon by donating to The Rotary Foundation’s Environment Fund.

Habitat Solar

Address energy poverty for Habitat for Humanity, low income, home owners.

I Fix the Planet

A video contest showcase of Rotary environment projects.


A Global System for Rotary to report the impact of our environmental projects.

Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Dispose of lithium-ion batteries through a fully closed-loop recycling solution.

Lunch out of Landfills

Students divert lunch waste by sharing edibles, composting and recycling.

Million Solar Panels

Fighting climate change one solar panel at a time.

Operation Pollination

Engage in pollinator protection and education projects.

Solar Safe Water

Giving people in need access to hot and safe water for drinking, cooking and hygiene. 

Watersheds, Rivers, Oceans

Cleaning the watersheds, rivers and oceans throughout the World.

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