Plant Rich Diet

The Plant-Rich Diet Task Force exists to educate Rotarians and the general public
on the benefits of Plant-Rich Diets to the health of people and the planet.



Rotary Ideas in Action

The Plant-Rich Diet Task Force is an international group of Rotarians dedicated to inspiring fellow Rotarians and the public to adopt plant-rich diets as a powerful and urgent personal action to reduce our carbon footprint, promote global environmental sustainability, improve human health and forge a path to equity for all earthly beings.


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Initiatives with a Plant Rich Diet

Take the Plant Rich Diet Challenge and improve your wellbeing while also being part of a group of people around the world taking personal action to reverse global warming.

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Project Objectives

OUR MISSION: Eating more plant-based meals and fewer
animal-derived foods is one of the most powerful steps we,
as individuals, can take to protect and heal our planet starting

Plant Based Diet Impact

Did you know that animal agriculture is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, deforestation, water depletion and pollution?

Taskforce Objectives

The Plant Based Diet Taskforce Objectives include:

  1. Education – Serve as a resource referral center for Clubs, Districts, and Global Grant applicants to provide information needed to understand the importance of the concept and practice of Plant-Rich Diets. Motivate individual Rotarians to adopt the practice. Provide guidance in establishing the Plant-Rich dietary option at all Rotary events. Identify Plant-Rich Diets as a principal component of green events held by Rotary at all levels.
  2. Projects – Facilitate the implementation of projects teaching people Plant-Rich Diets and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.
  3. Advocacy – Work to establish a global coalition of organizations following the pattern of Polio Plus to synergize in bringing about Plant-Rich DIets worldwide.
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Share Their Stories

Want to take action with a Plant Rich Diet?

ESRAG invites global Rotary members practicing a Plant-Rich Diet with interest, experience, and passion for planetary and human health to join the taskforce. Requirements:

  • Must be a member of ESRAG
  • Must be a Rotarian/Rotaractor to serve in a leadership position
  • Love People!
  • Attend Task Force meetings once or twice a month
  • Be passionate about being a resource and engage in planning/implementing projects.

We’d love to hear from you.