Solar Safe Water

Giving people in need access to hot and safe water for drinking, cooking and hygiene, just using power from the sun. In addition, this initiative supports all Rotary’s 7 areas of focus.


A solar solution

By using an award-winning Swedish innovation, called Solvatten, that disinfect water by using nothing but solar energy. It opens like a book, and after 2-5 hours in the sun the water is hot and free from waterborne bacteria. It meets WHO’s highest demand on drinking water and are more efficient than chlorine to eliminate highly resistant bacteria, viruses and parasites.





Just imagine, if every club in the entire Rotary family donated one Solvatten heater for $145, then Rotary will make a major impact for sustainable development according to Agenda 2030 and Rotary’s 7 AoF.

  • Give people in need access to safe and hot water.
  • Decrease emissions of greenhouse gases by not burning trees, charcoal or fossil fuels.
  • Save trees, forests and thereby habitats for a prosperous biodiversity
  • Improve health conditions for families and mothers with new-born babies.
  • Create better conditions for girls to go to school and women to get paid work by saving working hours on water treatment.
  • Improve family’s economy by less expenses of fuels and medical care. And more released time for paid work.
  • Improve both the family economy and the economic development in the local area.

Just watch this:

Take action

Interested in making an impact with Solar Safe Water?

  • Donate as an individual, a club or a district to the Kenya project (
  • Start your own club project (Rotary owned project) maybe in cooperation with other clubs or your district.
  • Carbon compensation for club meetings, as individuals and companies.