Waste to Energy – Reuse and Renew!  

Waste to Energy

Rotary Club of Brampton members are working to be informed about waste management.  They toured Emerald Energy from Waste plant in Brampton Ontario, Canada.  

Emerald Energy from Waste Inc. (Emerald) is a waste management company that recovers energy from solid non-hazardous waste generated by local commercial and residential customers.  

They use a two stage process that produces combustible gases from the waste. The combustion of these gases produce heat which is recovered in water tube boilers to produce steam. The steam is used in two ways; to produce electricity and as a direct energy source for Norampac, a local paper mill, which saves them operating costs.  

The Emerald facilty was established in 1992. Continual investments in new technology over the past 23 years has kept the facility at the leading edge of environmental performance. Their environmental monitoring programs demonstrate that the site has not had any adverse effects on the community and that our operations continue to comply with current emission standards (Ontario’s A7 Guideline).

The Emerald facility has maintained a Public Liaison Committee (PLC) since it began operations in 1992, as required by its Certificate of Approval.  The PLC is a forum for exchanging information with the community about the facility’s operations. Emerald provides the committee with information on operations and the committee provides information on any concerns raised by local residents.

Jayne Pilot, is Chair for the PLC Committee.  She has an environmental background of over 30 years,  a local resident, a Director with Rotary Club of Brampton, Director for ESRAG, a speaker and author of Driving Sustainability to Business Success.