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ESRAG’s online social and resource center, EXPO, encourages the Rotary family and friends of all ages, genders, and cultures to socialize, learn, and share best practices about protecting our shared planet without having to travel.

Rotary International’s membership is steady or growing thanks to new strategic programs like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; new club models like cause-based, passport, corporate, and satellite; and the new Environment Area of Focus. However, due to cost and travel constraints, not all members can easily meet other Rotarians from around the world and see their work. Furthermore, unlike many local service groups, we charge our members to belong.

Rotary International encourages the 4-part Action Plan listed below. Rotary Action Groups, Youth Services, Zones, and other groups can easily support these 4 actions through EXPO, ESRAG’s 3-D, online venue for social and learning experiences. The center has an auditorium, meeting hall, 20 rooms dedicated to specific topics, plus space for more rooms. With speech to text translation for 19 languages, Rotarians connect across international boundaries to other like-minded Rotarians!

Increase our Impact. “People of action are effective problem-solvers.” Regardless of time zone or travel barriers, Rotarians, our partners, and interested members learn new ideas for solving problems and best practices in EXPO’s topic-centered meeting rooms. As more Rotary groups join EXPO, expect a cross-pollination of inspiration and information that can increase impact.

Expand our Reach. “People of action activate and inspire others, giving them hope that the world can change for the better– and that they can be part of the change.” A college environmental club decided to join Rotaract in February 2022 after seeing EXPO and other information about Rotary. EXPO illustrated opportunities to network with experts across the globe. They are now starting food recovery programs on their campus. How could other Rotary groups use EXPO to reach like-minded individuals?

Enhance Participant Engagement. “People of action strive to understand the needs of others.” EXPO makes it possible for more people, regardless of health, income, gender, generation, or culture to connect, share service ideas, and best practices.

Increase our Ability to Adapt “People of action are inventive, entrepreneurial, and resilient.” In the last two years, Rotarians have learned new ways to connect and share. EXPO is the next step. It’s not the same as hugging a friend in person, but it can be so much more engaging than Zoom. Moreover, it’s open 24-7-365 and is free to participants.

Are you interested in hosting a room in EXPO or holding your next event here?

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