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Inflation Reduction Act

The inflation reduction act opens the opportunity for US citizens to take action using incentives offered by local government and the Federal Government.


Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act is legislation passed in August of 2022. In the context of climate impact, the Act has a number of provisions to incentivize the transition to more climate friendly energy sources. The incentives include specific incentives that USA citizens can take advantage of. These incentives for the most part move energy use to electricity from fossil fuels and include electrifying: Home Heating, Electrifying Appliances, Automobiles and by installing rooftop solar panels.

The act also provides funds to support low income families and can be accessed in the context of local project work.

Want to take action?

The Inflation Reduction Act is full of incentives to help you and your family go electric. Explore the opportunities:

A guide to help you understand the opportunities and understand incentives available to help you fund your personal:

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