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May 27-31, 2023



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About Melbourne

  • Melbourne Convention Centre: is a very sustainable venue to hold a conference because it is a 6-Star Green Star rated building and a LEED Gold certified building, which means it is designed and constructed to be energy-efficient and sustainable. The building features rainwater harvesting, green roofs, and solar panel generation, and has a strong commitment to sustainability.

  • The city: Melbourne is a sustainable city due to a number of factors, including its extensive public transportation network, which includes trains, buses, and trams, its commitment to sustainability, and the availability of sustainable venues and resources for event planning. The city also has a number of policies and initiatives in place to promote environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

  • The tram network: It is the largest operational urban tram network in the world, with a total of 250 kilometers (155 miles) of tracks and more than 1,800 trams in operation. The tram network is powered by electricity and has a high capacity, which helps to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and decrease congestion. It is considered a sustainable transportation option due to its low carbon emissions and high capacity.



Breakout Sessions

ESRAG presenters will facilitate has three exciting breakout sessions this year. Go along and support our presenters. The breakout sessions will take place during 27-31 May. Check the RICON 2023 website for dates and times of these sessions. This year’s breakout sessions are:


  • Adopt a River (ESRAG and UNEP): Salvador Rico
  • Stop Plastic Pollution – Of Mothers, Children, Plastic and Waste by Lori Cloutier
  • Plant Rich Diet – A delicious Climate Solution: Ambaree Majumder

Enjoy Plant Rich Diet “A DELICIOUS Climate Solution” at ESRAG featured breakout and in your menu at RICON Convention Center from local sourced products!

Action Summit

If you are arriving in Melbourne ahead of RICON, you will not want to miss this ESRAG Environment Action Summit on Thursday, 25 May. To be held in a central Melbourne location, this Summit will feature leading environmental keynote speakers and showcase a number of outstanding Rotary environmental projects. After this inspiring introduction, delegates will work in breakout groups to develop practical ideas for Rotary club and district environmental projects. These ideas for projects will then be collated and produced into environmental action guides and made available to Rotary clubs and districts worldwide. This will be the chance for you to share some of the innovative projects of your club and district and to also learn from speakers and other delegates.

Sustainable Events

  • After 4 years of hard-work, we will uncover ESRAG latest handbook: “How to organise Green Events”

Rotary clubs and districts have traditionally conducted in-person events, such as conferences, PETS and District Assemblies. The Covid pandemic compelled us to conduct these events virtually, but with the decline in number of cases of Covid worldwide, many clubs and districts are returning to in-person events. However, with the introduction of the Environment Area of Focus, we are all now more conscious of the environmental impacts of these events.

Following the success of the ESRAG & World Environment Day Handbook, developed in partnership with UNEP, ESRAG is finalising a second Handbook, giving Rotary clubs and districts guidelines and tools to help them reduce the environmental footprint of their events. This new handbook will be launched at RICON.


    Following the inaugural and successful RAGTime in RICON 2022 in Houston, Texas, the DNA RAG is organising a second RAGTime in Melbourne on Thursday, 25 May in the Jardin Tan room at the glorious Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens. This is a unique opportunity, over canapés, to greet members of ESRAG and to meet, learn from and share ideas for joint projects with members of the other 26 Rotary Action Groups. You will also be able to have informal conversations with Rotary staff and our Rotary International leaders. If you are planning to arrive early to RICON, this is an event that you will not want to miss. Register here

    “ Mix, Learn and collaborate"

    “ Meet RAGs & Rotary leadership"

    “ Celebrate the impact of RAGs"

    Sustainable Planning

    • Melbourne is the first Rotary International Convention which includes a sustainability expert team supporting the Hosting Organizing Committee planning the convention

      Deniz Vural

      • ESRAG Board Member
      • Transport Coordinator

      Barb Sheehan

      • Volunteer Coordinator

      Fabienne Nichola

      • Communication Coordinator

      Ted Waghorne

      • ESRAG Oceania Chair

       Vic Grosjean

      • HOC Sustainability Director
      • Previous ESRAG Board Member

      Discover our RI 1st Artificial Intelligence generated Rhapsody about our sustainable Melbourne convention!

        Melbourne's a city that's alive

        With culture, parks, and events that thrive,

        But did you know it’s also green,

        Sustainability’s its dream!

        Sustainable Melbourne, that's the place to be

        Rotary International Convention, you’ll see,

        Sustainability’s at the heart of all we do,

        Come to Melbourne, and join us too.

        The Convention Centre's a leader in sustainability

        Award-winning and green, the environment is a top priority,

        From Solar panels, recycling, to energy-efficient light,

        This venue’s doing it right.

        The public transport here's the best

        Trains, trams, bikes, buses and all the rest,

        The tram system’s the largest in the world,

        Mostly run on solar, as we are moving forward.

        During the Convention, transport's free

        Trains, trams, and buses, you’ll see,

        It has sustainable ways to get around,

        Reducing your carbon footprint, that’s profound.

        When you fly in from far and wide

        To Melbourne, you’ll take a ride,

        But don’t forget to offset your footprint too,

        ESRAG Carbon Offset fund, is there for you.

        There's more to Melbourne's sustainability

        Like reducing waste and preserving its quality,

        “Love Food Hate Waste” helps reduce food waste,

        While DIK save donated goods at fast-paced.

        Sustainability's important in Melbourne's natural scene

        Protected areas, like the Yarra River, stay pristine,

        Rotaract initiatives like our “River Clean-up” helps restore,

        Nature’s beauty, that’s what Melbourne has in store.

        The built environment's important too

        Melbourne’s got green buildings, we’ll tell you true,

        Like your hotels, which are energy-efficient,

        Reducing your impact, that’s how it gets vibrant.

        Rotary International Convention's the place to be

        In Melbourne, sustainability you’ll see,

        From the city to the Convention Centre and all in between,

        Melbourne’s the destination that lead Rotary to be Green.

        Melbourne's the place to be

        Join us at RICON and you’ll see,

        Sustainability’s at the heart, Rotarians are keen,

        Melbourne, that’s how we’ll keep you green.

        Key dates


        Thursday 25th May: 12pm – 17:00pm
        Thursday 25th May: 19pm – 21:00pm


        25-31st May