By Kris Cameron, Co-Chair, ESRAG Plant-Rich Diet Task Force

Can’t afford an electric car? Solar panels not an option? There is an inexpensive and easy way for all of us to tackle climate change every day! 

Project Drawdown, an ESRAG partner, has identified reducing food waste and adopting plant-rich diets as the two most powerful steps we can take to reduce GHG emissions. 

How do these contribute to global climate disruption? When organic waste breaks down in landfills it generates approximately 8-10% of global methane emissions. Methane traps up to 84% more heat in the atmosphere than CO2 over a 20-year period. 

Plant-rich diets reduce the demand for animal products, the industrial production of which is a major cause of GHG emissions, deforestation, biodiversity loss, air and water pollution, and a host of other impacts on human and environmental health. 

Experts warn that even if we reach net zero emissions in the transportation and energy sectors, without significant reductions in the agriculture sector, we will not be able to maintain stable global temperatures. 

Rotarians can choose the plant-based foods that work for their lifestyles. We invite you to learn how, by taking the ESRAG 15-Day Plant-Rich Diet Challenge that starts this Earth Day, April 22. The Challenge is a guided journey to improved personal and planetary health. Here’s a preview presentation from the Challenge with excellent tips to get you started. The Challenge also includes a cookbook, recipes, and much more!    

Register for the ESRAG 15-Day Plant-Rich Diet Earth Day Challenge HERE! 

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Every Day Can Be Earth Day . . . 

. . . when you tackle climate change one bite at a time!