Catalyze Circular Design

Rotarians and Rotaractors in Turkey are sponsoring a series of four annual Circular Economy design competitions.

Turkish Rotarians Catalyze Circular Design

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Rotarians and Rotaractors in Turkey are sponsoring a series of four annual Circular Economy design competitions in partnership with universities, nonprofits, and corporations. The competition emphasizes interdisciplinary work and raising awareness of the importance of transitioning from a linear to circular economy. This contest offers design teams the opportunity to win a significant cash award and recognition. 2022’s theme is “Design for Reuse,” with awards scheduled to be announced in May.

Contest sponsors see innovative design as essential to overcoming “planned obsolescence, black box designs, [and] disposable products… leading to problems such as climate change, environmental pollution, and inequality of opportunity worldwide…. At this point, the importance of alternative design approaches and solutions that help bring products back to the economy has been understood again.”

This year’s contestants must submit designs including at least two of these strategies: reuse for different purposes, second-hand shopping, shared economy or services, shared products and communities, renewal for reuse, and extending product life with community-based maintenance and repair.  This strategy of reuse “ensures that the project life is not linear but in a series of cycles with the participation of different users,” contributing to “maximum value recovery. This requires us to question our sense of ownership, the function of products, our prejudices about ‘old’ and used products.”

Design the Loop is organized by the Rotary District 2420, the Rotary Clubs of Yenikoy and the and Koc University. Supporters include the Rotaract Clubs of Yenikoy and Istanbul,the Rotary Club of Beyoglu, Middle East Technical University’s Department of Industrial Design, the World Wildlife Fund, the Industrial Designers Society of Turkey, and agricultural and product design firms. You can find out more by visiting the website, or writing the organizers 

Design the Circular also offers workshops, which are publicized on Instagram.