By Laurie Zuckerman, ESRAG Director and Communications Chair

Start the New Year right!  Choose one simple action that helps the air, water, or land.

  1. Eat more whole foods – grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables at home and at your club. It’s better for your health, air, water quality, and land.
  2. Reduce food waste by “shopping your pantry” before going to the market or supporting local groups that address food waste in your community. If food waste were its own country, it would be the third largest polluter behind China and the USA.

    Your 2024 Pollution Solution Resolution

    A screenshot from the video introducing ESRAG’s Food Too Good to Waste Challenge.

  3. Shop your closet and used stores.  Repair items instead of purchasing new. In 2020 human-made stuff outweighed all life on earth – not sustainable since our stuff depends on living things.
  4. Help stop 10 million tonnes of GHG being released into the air by joining ESRAG’s Million Solar Panel Initiative.  Click to register your panels! Then share the 1,000,000 Solar Panels campaign with your Rotary friends.
  5. Use or support regenerative agriculture practices. These reduce air and water pollution as well as land degradation.
  6. No other options but to travel via air? Compensate for airplane exhaust with ESRAG’s Flight Carbon Estimator, support Rotary project that prevent or sequester CO2, and earn Paul Harris points!
  7. Invite your club to tackle pollution by using the Green Events Handbook, hosting a lithium-Ion battery recycling day, a rivers or beach clean-up, or compensate for un-avoidable air pollution (GHG) by supporting Rotary projects that prevent or sequester CO2.