Rotary acts for the environment;

ESRAG is the catalyst.

We care about your climate future.


ESRAG: Environmental Sustainability
Rotary Action Group.

Rotary acts for the environment,
ESRAG is the catalyst.
Together we protect the planet

Our work

The six key themes for ESRAG to make a difference.


Sustainable Living



Food Systems

Circular Economy

Upcoming Events

ESRAG Seminar: Disasters and Rotary Actions Groups
Speaker: Michael Terrelonge
Topic: What the Disaster Network Assistance Rotary Action Group does and how their work is adversely affected by environmental or climate issues.
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Seminar: Composting - Key to Climate Protection and More
Speaker: Brenda Platt
Topic: Composting
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Seminar: Compostology - Food Waste & Youth Empowerment
Speaker: Advika Agarwal
Topic: Compostology
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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ESRAG Seminar: Values-based Banking & Investing
Speaker: Rob Sisson
Topic: Using money as a force for good: Values-based Banking & Investing
(GMT +00.00) Greenwich Mean Time (Dublin)
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